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Master lecture series: Power systems analysis II

Fault calculations, economic operation, control and stability

The course is devoted to fault calculations in electrical power systems networks, the economic operation and control of power systems and an introduction to power system stability.


For network calculations and the description of symmetric and asymmetric faults the general method of power invariant symmetrical components is introduced.The economic operation involves the minimization of fuel costs, while the power system control deals with the primary and secondary control on the generating units to enable stable operation and maintaining a proper grid frequency. The stability of the power system after faults is studied through the method of the equal-area criterium. 


Participants will be introduced with methods for computation fault currents and load flows. For this, symetrical components will be studied. Power system components will be studied and adequate models for transformers, synchronous machines and transmission lines will be presented. Network calculations and short circuit analysis are studied by applying admittance and impedance matrices of the circuits. Symmetrical components and transformation from n-phase system into n separate 1-phase systems will be presented as an important tool to determine unsymmetrical fault currents (single-phase fault current, double-phase and double-phase-to-ground fault currents). Additionally, the course will be supported by computer exercises done with the commercially available software package Vision©.

Intended for

These lecture series are intended for engineers (TU/HTO) in electrical engineering or physics, who are involved in the testing of high voltage equipment.

This master lecture series is open to participants PAO Techniek en Management. Regular students of the TU will attend the lecture series too. The lectures will be taught in English.


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  • Information
    Trainer: Dhr. M. Popov (TU Delft Faculteit Elektrotechniek, Wiskunde en Informatica (EWI))
    Course data: November 2023 - January 2024
    Day format: weekly 2-hour lectures
    Location: Delft
    TU Delft
    Price: € 1,650.00 ex. vat
    The program will be taught in English.