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Master lecture series: FEM for electromagnetic devices

Set up a FEM simulation, obtain parameters in FLUX2D, optimize the dimensions to obtain certain performance and analyze the limitations and effects of non-linear material properties on electrical machine performance.

This master lecture series is open to participants PAO Techniek en Management. Regular students of the TU will attend the lecture series too. The lectures will be held in English.


  • Theory of electromagnetic FEM 
  • FEM package FLUX2D 
  • Static and transient simulations, circuit couplings 
  • Non‐linear material properties and effects on inductance, EMF, force production, harmonics. 
  • Electromagnetic, torque, cogging torque, reluctance torque and radial force 
  • Optimization of a permanent magnet machines 
  • Comparison of ‘ideal’ electrical machines with non‐ linear finite element simulations 
  • Demagnetization of permanent magnets 
  • Thermal simulations


  • Setup a finite element simulation of an electromagnetic device, such as an electrical machine, taking into account the working principles of FEM and the requirements concerning accuracy, mesh density etc.
  • Obtain electrical machines parameters from static and transient finite element simulations in FLUX2D. 
  • Optimize the dimensions of an electrical machine to obtain certain performance. 
  • Analyze the limitations and effects of non‐linear material properties on electrical machine performance. 

Cedrat FLUX2D and manuals (temporary license provided during the course) is recommended.

Intended for

Engineers (TU/HBO+experience) in electrical engineering or physics who (will) work on the design of and calculations on High Voltage constructions and electrical machines using FEM-based software.

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