Leading high performing autism - incompany training

Increase your predictability as a leader, so that others can perform optimally

Gifted employees with autism have specific talents for the organization; extensive knowledge, focus and concentration, an eye for detail, analytical ability and thoroughness. With this course you will utilize the specific autistic related talents in the organization better.

Many talented autistic employees become blocked either because of unclear assignments or unexpected changes. They are underestimated in their learning ability and intelligence, but overestimated in their ability to take up tasks, and plan, deal with social contact & deadlines. How do you find the right way to lead these people?

You have extensive experience in managing people and you want to grow in your ability to lead this extraordinary target group.  You want to create a clear and predictable context in which autistic employees can effectively give their all for the organization and develop themselves. You are looking for the right key to communicate with this target group.

What kind of leader are you for team members with (characteristics) of autism?

At the end of this module you will:

  • Gain knowledge of characteristics of autism that are combined with gifted ability.
  • Recognize far more quickly autism in the work place.
  • Gain a clearer handle on how to communicate with autistic employees.
  • Understand better which leadership styles you should and should not implement in order to gain full effectiveness from your autistic employees.
  • Gain an insight into which situations can cause blockages from autistic employees.

This course is part of Leadership of engineers.

Intended for

Managers with extensive experience leading people.

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    The program can be taught in English on request.