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This is how you do it: make your vision concrete, create support and make it happen

Instilling effective and inspirational changes, leading people and successfully completing your tasks is a craft, and a skill which one develops. Being experienced in leading a ‘stable’ situations is extremely helpful in becoming good at leading change. In addition to that, your personal experience with change has a significant influence on who you are for other people. With this course you will become a stronger role model during the change process, and hence lead more effectively.

In organizational change, there is always a portion of the goals that are reached, and a portion that is not. What change do you have in mind, and what can you do to make change successful? How can you, throughout the change process, be a role model that others will want to follow?

You have extensive experience in leading people, and you would like to grow further in change management. With Leading change you will learn how to systematically approach your changes with attention for clear, visible aspects of the change, such as leadership, structure and processes. At the same time, you will get a handle on how to bring into the picture and influence the invisible undercurrents, which are a part of every change that happens. By focusing on both realities you increase your chances to bring the change to the desired result.

How do you make the difference in changes?

At the end of this module you will:

  • Be able to make a good diagnosis of the issue in change, before you begin your intervention.
  • Know how to set yourself as an effective role model before, during and after the change process.
  • Be able to systematically apply a proven change approach.
  • Have an eye for both visible and invisible processes in the organization and be able to steer both of them.
  • Gain tangible tools on how to deal with resistance.
  • Increase your chances of achieving the desired change goals.

This course is part of Leadership of engineers.

Intended for

Managers with extensive experience guiding and leading changes in others.

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    The program can be taught in English on request.