Inspiring leadership

Being a source of inspiration for others from your own strength

Being a contribution to the personal development of team leaders is a testimony of good leadership.  An inspiring leader creates a context in which people want to develop themselves and extend their boundaries. This asks from you to get the best out of yourself and your team, and to become a ‘multiplier’ for others.  In this course you will discover what you as a leader can do in order to help the organization and your team to develop better.

Helping someone ‘to find his strength’ is easy to say.  But how do you do that? How do you know where a person’s talents lie?  What is required of you to lead others and help them get the best out of themselves?

You want to make a step in the development of your organization. Inspiring Leadership helps you through your own inner strength to become a source of inspiration for others.  You increase your choice of possibilities as a leader by positively implementing persuasive, powerful, interventions in the development of yourself and the organization.

How are you a source of inspiration for others?

At the end of this module you will:

  • Know how to get the best out of yourself.
  • Be able to use your energy in a more balanced manner.
  • Be able to consciously and purposefully switch from strategic to tactical and operational levels.
  • Know how to create a positive context so that others can develop themselves.
  • Become more capable of empowering your team by facilitating the success of others.
  • Grow as an inspirational leader and a multiplier for others.

This course is based on the L&D Architect® of The LMS Group and part of Leadership of Engineers.

Intended for

Managers with extensive experience in leading others.

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  • Information
    Trainer: Dhr. A. Riedstra
    Course data: December 7, 8 2020, February 24 and 25 2021
    Day format: 9:00-17:30
    Location: Apeldoorn
    Price: € 3,000.00 ex. vat