Fibre reinforced polymer composites

Design and produce with lightweight composite materials

How to (re)design products in fibre reinforced plastic composites? With attention for the right choice of materials, an efficient structural design and knowledge of the possible production processes and the way of assessing the product.

In this course you will get handles to apply composite materials in your own work. You will get insight in the behaviour of the materials, the sustainability and the costs to come to a completed product.

You also receive clear guidelines to make your own easily producible design. The matter will be illustrated with good and bad examples of use of composites in practical examples and demonstrations of production processes.

Composites made accessible

In this course:

  • You get insight in the most important technical aspects in design and production of composite products.
  • You get an overview of the various existing composite materials and their properties.
  • You gain understanding of the opportunities and impossibilities, pros and cons of composites.
  • You learn to perform a structured material selection for your design.
  • You learn to make basic calculations on composite materials.
  • You learn about producing techniques and quality assurance techniques.
  • You get insight in costs en necessary investments for producing composite elements.

Intended for

Engineers, designers, constructers, consultants, contractors and manufacturers who want to use fibre reinforced plastic composites, design with them, count on or advise on material selection in the application of composites.


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  • Program

    Day 1

    • Getting acquainted with fibre reinforced composites: strengths and weaknesses,  applications, environmental influences

    • Calculations on composites: basic rules of mixture and the classical lamination theory (CLT)

    • Failure of composites: failure mechanisms and test methods

    • Introduction on ElamX software

    • Hands-on session ElamX

    Day 2

    • Materials: thermosets and thermoplastics

    • Demonstrations: thermosets – infusions and prepregs

    • Demonstrations: thermoplastics – press forming

    • Costs and material selection

    • Do’s and don’ts in composite design