Conscious Leadership (webinar)

Technology is distinctive, people make the difference

Technology is real and often visible and tangible. What about the other real world: people and the way they interact? It is invisible and often very subjective. So how do we measure personal impact, strengthen relationships and grow ourselves and others?

Many professionals and managers want to develop their personal leadership skills. They realize that technology is distinctive, but people make the difference.

PAOTM and KIVI are hosting a webinar on Conscious Leadership. Our aim: provide you with insights and tools to get grip on the invisible world of people and leadership. The webinar will be given in Dutch

Technology is distinctive, people make the difference

The webinar theme is Conscious Leadership. Our purpose is threefold:

  • Share our new leadership development curriculum, meant for professionals and people leaders;
  • Provoke your thoughts on personal leadership and the choices you have;
  • Enlarge the range of opportunities to grow yourself, your team and your organization.

PAOTM offers training courses for leadership and team development. The courses have been developed by The LMS Group, a group of leadership consultants who primarily work in the field of people and technology.

Intended for

Technical professionals as well as supervisors/managers

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