Chemical Engineering - Membrane Separation

Membrane processes, types, equipment and flow patterns

Learning Objectives Membrane Separation
On completion of this chemistry course, a student should be able to:

  • Describe, in membrane processes with two gas phases, the three resistances associated with the flux through a membrane
  • Explain the differences between a symmetric and an asymmetric membrane
  • Describe the three common types of equipment used for gas-permeation membrane processes
  • Describe the four ideal flow patterns in a membrane separator and, for each respective model, solve numerically for the membrane area.

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  • Information
    Trainer: Dhr. J.M. Krop
    Course data: 10 april 2024
    Price: € 845.00 ex. vat
    The program will be taught in English.
  • Reviews
    This course is assessed with a 8.0
    Freek Jansen (Bilfinger Tebodin B.V.)
    “The course was interesting and pleasant. The attention was always high and the speakers very involving.”
    Participant at an engineering firm
    “Refreshing, nice and easy to follow the course. Relevant information.”
    Participant at an engineering firm
    “An intensive day but I learned a lot.”
    Henri Plaggenborg (Bilfinger Tebodin B.V.)