Automated public transport

Planning, implementation and exploitation of autonomous shuttle transport

Automated driving is the future. It is going to change transport, traffic, our cities and our environment. It will change the way we live. But there are also hurdles and questions. It seems a confusing mix of innovation and application.

A group of experienced professionals in various segments of automated shuttle systems has worked together over the past 4 years in various initial implementation projects in the Netherlands and abroad. They have brought together their experiences and knowledge in a comprehensive training program covering all aspects of automated shuttle transport: planning, implementation and operation.The two-day training has now been summarized and can be followed in full depth online at will, supplemented with homework, lecturer consultation hours and an interactive online discussion.

You will learn everything you need to know about automated shuttle systems as part of the mobility and public transport of the future, in order to arrive at well-considered plans and decisions. You will learn which tools you can use for the evaluation of automated shuttles and their use in practical cases.

Is automated public transport feasible in my city, village or business park?

In this course, the following questions are treated:

  • What does automated driving mean for my community?
  • What are the experiences so far?
  • What is possible today?
  • Why is there not yet automated driving everywhere?
  • How long does it take?
  • Should we plan for this now? And how?

Intended for
This course is meant for planners and decision makers in public and private organisations, who want to know if, how and when to incorporate automated shuttle systems in their development plans for accessibility and/or target group transport. Urban planners, facility managers (of e.g. hospitals, (air)ports, business parks, campuses), mobility managers, public transport operators, transport strategists, politicians and all others who are professionally interested in automated shuttle systems.

This course is in blended learning:

  • 3 weeks with online video modules are each concluded with a homework assignment and an online test
  • A joint consultation hour for questions is scheduled for each module  
  • An interactive session in which participants and teachers discuss what they have learned concludes this course

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  • Information
    Trainer: Dhr. Ir. J. Veenis (The Future Mobility Network)
    Course data: During May all 15 lessons at a time of your choosing.
    2 June an interactive afternoon session
    Location: Online
    Technische Universiteit
    Price: € 595.00 ex. vat
    Timetable information: Blended learning with joint closure
    In cooperation with: The Future Mobility Network
    The program can be taught in English on request.
  • Program


    • In 3 weeks time you will follow 3 modules with a number of online video lessons (in English). You can schedule this yourself.
    • After each module their is an homework assignment and online test.
    • Each module will have a joint consultation hour.
    • An interactive session in which participants and all teachers discuss what they have learned concludes this course.

    Module 1: What does the total operation look like in practice: vehicles – what can be done, what can’t?

    Module 2: Roads and routes: infrastructure – technology – applications

    Module 3: Project approach and financial impact

    1. Application possibilities of automated driving; as part of public transport, for target groups and in relation to shared mobility and hubs. What can and can't be done in the triangle: Vehicle, Infrastructure and Traffic behaviour. What regulations apply for driving with or without a steward, use of a control room and what can the vehicle do technically and where does it depend on infrastructure.
    2. Lessons learned, practical examples, admission, infrastructure and users.
    3. Project design, approach, businesscase, costs and revenue.

    Joining policy and practical experiences from The Haga Shuttle, WEPOD and Interreg Automated Transport, The Drimmelen Shuttle, ESA ESTEC ‘Orbiter’ and several Last-Mile Fieldlabs in the Metropole region Rotterdam The Hague.

    Working with all local and governmental authorities (e.g. RDW / SWOV / CROW) to guarantee safety and public transport providers (e.g. Arriva, HTM, RET) to build a door to door public transport service including automation in multi modal transport hubs.

    Course leader:
    Ir. Joop Veenis, The Future Mobility Network

    Peter Morsink MSc MTD, Royal HaskoningDHV
    Irene Pohl, Rebel
    Jan Willem van der Wiel, Spring Innovation Management