If you (or your employer) register with PAO Techniek en Management (PAOTM) for an activity or contact us via our website, we ask for your personal data. With this privacy statement we inform you which data we process, and with which purpose(s). Our policy complies with the guidelines according to the general data protection regulation (AVG) and applies to all activities of PAOTM. Stichting (Foundation) PAO Techniek en Management is responsible for the processing of this data. We are located at Van der Burghweg 1, 2628 CS in Delft. If you have any questions after reading this statement, please feel free to contact us.

Guaranteed privacy

As we believe that the privacy of our relations, participants and teachers is of great importance, we ensure that all personal data are secured and monitored against misuse and unauthorized parties. PAOTM stores your data as long as these data are relevant in relation to the purposes as described below.

Right of complaint

If despite our guarantees you are dissatisfied with the way we handle your personal data, please contact the administration department via or call us at 015-2784618.

What do we use your personal information for?

We use the data to inform you about our products, to improve our services and to enable execution of our activities.  You can think of informing our teachers, making badges, organizing and evaluating courses and sending online newsletters (only after permission).

Which personal data do we collect and process?

We collect and process, among other things, the following personal data:

  • First and last name: we value personal communication. That's why we ask for your first and last name. We also use these on participant lists, certificates and diplomas.
  • E-mail address:  we ask you e-mail address to answer your questions, to communicate about the progress of a course or an event and / or to keep you informed of our activities (after permission).
  • Telephone number: we ask for your telephone number to answer your questions (regarding contact request, reservation or registration), to inform you about your interest or for the execution of a course or training.
  • Function: when registering for a course or training, your position and organization name is important information for our lecturers to connect the course material.
  • Area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest: to keep you informed of information relevant to you, we ask you for your field of expertise and interest (after permission).
  • Date of birth: we ask your date of birth to verify that we are administrating the right person and can make the diploma or certificate strictly personal.
  • Organization name and address: we ask the (invoice) address of your organization to send any correspondence by mail. Consider, for example, the sending of a certificate / certificate of participation after a course. In addition, we use your organization name on a list of participants if you participate in a course or training.
  • VAT number: we ask for the VAT number for tax purposes and to verify whether a company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

How do we collect personal data?

We collect personal data both online and offline for the correct execution of our activities and to improve our services and / or marketing activities. Offline we do this when you – for example – hand over a business card or call us to seek advice and (product) information. We also process data that you leave on our website. uses cookies. We do this to gather information about the pages users visit on our website and to optimize pages. We also keep track of what information the browser shares. We do this online using the following tools and cookies:

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics keeps track of the use of our website(s) which we then optimize. Think of page visits, behavior and conversion tracking. The data collected here are not traceable and therefore anonymous.
  • LinkedIn Analytics and LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn Analytics records traffic from our LinkedIn account and posts to our website(s). In the case of advertisements, this cookie keeps track of whether actions such as registrations have taken place.
  • Facebook Analytics and Facebook Ads: Facebook analytics records traffic from our Facebook accounts and posts to our website(s). In the case of advertisements, this cookie keeps track of whether actions such as registrations have taken place.

We keep this information anonymously: it is not linked to other personal information. You can choose to switch off the use of cookies. More information about these options can be found on the website of the provider of your browser.

Processing personal data

Only authorized employees have access to personal data. We will not disclose your information to third parties.

Right to inspect, rectify or delete personal data

Are you a PAOTM relation and do you want to see which personal data of yours are known to us? You can then use your right of access. You can also ask us to adjust or delete this data.

If you want to make use of these rights, please send a letter to PAO Techniek en Management, administration department, PO Box 5048, 2600 GA Delft or mail to

Change preferences

  • Mail, e-mail, telephone: if you no longer wish to receive mail, e-mail and/or telephone from us, please send an email to
  • Digital newsletter: if you receive the monthly digital newsletter, you will find a link at the bottom of each newsletter by which you can unsubscribe from the mailing list. You can also adjust your data and preferences for areas of interest and thus provide relevant information yourself.

Other measures

Your personal data are protected against abuse and access by unauthorized persons through the most recent and proven techniques that are kept up-to-date by PAOTM. PAOTM has the right to change the content of this privacy policy when necessary.

The last change has taken place on: 24 June 2021.