Frequently Asked Questions

Corona measures

The latest news about all measures we take against the spread of the corona virus can be found here.

Information service

Is there more detailed information available about the courses than mentioned on the website?

All information currently available on the course is visible on the website. Once the course is scheduled, data, price, course leader and content of the course are published. Closer to the start date of the course, we also publish the location, the course programme and names of the trainers.

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding the course information on the website?

You can ask your questions about a course by completing the information form on the course page, under the Contact button. Of course you can also ask your question by email ( or by telephone: 015 2784618.

Can I be informed about the offered courses ?

Of course this is possible. You can sign up for our newsletters by filling in the form. The Courses newsletter is divided in disciplines so you can choose the relevant topics. Please indicate in which disciplines you are interested so that we can send you your personalized course offer. You will receive information about our course offer up to twelve times a year by email. In the Corporate newsletter we inform you about broader PAOTM news four times a year. You can always unsubscribe from the newsletter via the unsubscribe option in the newsletter.  You can also change your disciplines by clicking ‘Change preferences’ in the newsletter. 

I have a question about the content of a course. Who can help me?

You can email your question to or you can contact us on 015 2784618. We will submit your question to the right person and respond as soon as possible by email or phone.


Is it possible to register shortly before the start of a course?

If the course is not fully booked, you may still be able to subscribe one day before the start of the course. Due to organizational reasons, registration up to two weeks before the start of the course has our preference.

The website states that the course is on request. What does this mean?

A course ‘on request’ is a course that is not programmed by default, but will be organized by us as soon as there are enough participants. You can register for all courses on our website, also for the 'on request' courses. After your subscription, PAOTM will contact you for further information. As soon as there is a minimum number of people interested (this number may vary by course), in consultation with all participants, the course leader and the trainers, a suitable date will be chosen. Questions about this can be sent to or contact us on 015 2784618.

How do I know if the course is oversubscribed?

As long as the course is listed on our website and has a subscribe option, you can continue to register. If there are no places available anymore, PAOTM will contact you. If the course also takes place at a later date, in consultation with you, you will be registered for this later date or placed on the waiting list. If there are cancellations for the course you would like to attend, then we may still be able to place you. If you are interested in a course that has not yet been programmed, please contact PAOTM's course administration at or via 015 2784618. You will be placed on the waiting list. In addition, if you are on the waiting list, you will be invited to subscribe with priority when the course is repeated.

I want to subscribe for a course without creating a profile on Is this possible?

When you subscribe via our website you will be asked once to create a profile. This way we can best check and process your data. You can also easily change your information using this profile and register yourself for another course without re-entering all your information.  If you do not wish to create a profile, please contact our course administration at or via 015 2784618.

I want to subscribe more than one employee for the same course. Is this possible?

Of course this is possible. You have to create a profile for each employee and subscribe them individually via our website. If you send an email to we can hand you a form for subscribing all employees at once. Do you have a larger group or do you want to tailor the course to the situation in your organization? Many courses we can organize incompany. Based on your wishes we will gladly make an appropriate offer. Check out our Incompany page for more information.

I want to subscribe for multiple courses. Is this possible?

That is of course possible. After you are logged in to your profile, you can add multiple courses to your order.

When do I get a notification about my subscription?

Immediately after your subscription via our website you will receive a confirmation that you have subscribed. Our course administration will process your subscription within approximately 5 business days. Approximately two weeks before the start of the course, you will receive an invitation with the course schedule and directions about the location.

When am I eligible for a discount?

For more information, see our Discount arrangements page.

Cancellation or replacement

I will be prevented from attending one or more of the course days. Can a colleague take my place?

That is possible. In case of (sudden) prevention, you can be replaced by a colleague if you have previously notified PAOTM by e-mail. The replacement will only be final after PAOTM has confirmed this to you.

Until when can I unsubscribe from a course (free of charge)?

For more information about cancellation, see our General conditions.


How long is a course day?

Course days usually start between 09:00 and 09:30 and end at approximately 17:00. In case these times differ, this is specifically stated on the website.

Is coffee, tea, lunch and the course material included in the price?

Coffee, tea and lunch are always included in courses which cover the morning and afternoon. The course material is also included, unless stated otherwise. In some courses you can optionally order books or overnight stay (at extra costs as stated on the website).

I would like to order only the course syllabus without taking part in the course. Is this possible?

That is possible. However, our board prescribes that we charge the full course price. You can order the syllabus by sending your request to Please enter the invoice and delivery address. We will send an invoice to the address you specified. Once the full amount is credited, the syllabus will be sent to you.

Is it possible to receive the course syllabus in advance?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Due to the state of the art content of our courses, we receive the syllabi and presentations (made by the course leaders and teachers) shortly before the start of a course. For this reason, shipment is not possible in advance.

My profile

How can I submit a change to my data?

By logging in to your profile, you can change all of your data known to PAOTM. If you no longer wish to receive mail, e-mail and/or telephone from us, please send an email to Do you have any further questions about this, send us an email ( or call us at 015-2784618.


Is PAOTM part of Delft University of Technology?

No, PAOTM is an independent foundation, founded by KIVI and the Technical Universities. Our foundation does not receive subsidy and depends entirely on the course fees.

Did you not find the answer to your question?

Please contact us by email ( or by phone (015 278 46 18), or see our General conditions for more information.